HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Sonal on YHM


yeh hai mohab31

I am a big fan of ISHRA, I really like their chemistry. But with the current track, I am no longer interested in watching the show as the story is not revealing the truth. Ishita is unable to expose Ashok and Sarika, She is hurting herself to save Raman. I really don’t understand what’s the need of all this drama, She can directly tells the Ashok’s plannings to Raman as he completely believes and understands her. I hope the Creative team should think of early exposing of Sarika in front of everyone, else the show lose its charm. I hope to see the changes soon, I want to see Happy ISHRA, they are the most beautiful and popular onscreen couple, I am missing their chemistry, love bond and sweet nok-jhok.

TR would like to thank Sonal for this input.

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  1. I really enjoy Mere Anganeme. The character Rani- She is a good actor. You are presenting her as a weakling who succumbs to Salaral’s antics. Rani should go to her friend and make a success of her life and then her “ayeji oji” Amit would come running to her. At Sarala’s she is no more than servant who cooks and cleans. Rani is a young girl of today give her a chance to show her worth.

    Sad to know Aajikiraat is finishing. Are you bringing back Stayameva Jayetey?

    Mohi is superb!
    All the BEST to STAR PLUS.