Highlight: Naksh to cancel his marriage happening in Yeh Rishta….



Naksh tells Tara that he will take baraat back. Tara gets tensed. There is a misunderstanding between them. Naksh asks Tara to come aside and talk to him. Tara goes following him. Actually, Naksh gets prenuptial marriage papers, and he gets angry. It is all done by Preeti who got the papers made. Everyone is tensed and shaken up, and doesn’t know if the marriage will happen or not.

Naksh starts shouting on Sangram. Tara has run away from the mandap. Naksh is angry and had argument with Tara. Tara does not tell anyone and goes from there. Naksh announces that he breaks his relation with Tara. Dada ji gets a big shock, while all the happiness turns into grief.

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  1. Yesss!!! I am so happy. Naksh and Tara doesnot look good together I am happy thak she is out of Naksh’s life now. Plzz bring Sanju back she and naksh makes a great couple