Sandhya resigns to support Sooraj’s dreams



Sandhya has given her resignation. She was very dedicated towards her duty, but seeing Sooraj’s state, Sandhya takes the decision to quit her police duty. Sandhya and Bhabho go to meet the commissioner. Sandhya gives her resignation. Sandhya removes her cap, badges and gives the police revolver. She tells the commissioner that she respects her duty and police department, but she has to be with Sooraj now. Sooraj is not able to run the shop. Sandhya will now manage the Rathi sweet shop and earn back Sooraj’s name. Bhabho cries seeing Sandhya resigning. Sandhya has earned her dreams with much hard work, and now she is sacrificing her dreams. DABH is Star Plus’ top show and will be going to end soon.

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