Rudra-Soumya fear about marriage truth getting known


Rudra and Soumya argue over their marriage. Rudra is very much unhappy to marry Soumya. He asks her not to talk like a typical wife. They worry thinking what will they tell family.

Rudra and Soumya call their marriage a mistake, and decide to forget it. She asks him not to mention it again. He suggests they should change their clothes, else family will understand they got married. They see a Banjara group in the jungle and get an idea to seek their help.

Later, Rudra and Soumya get the Banjara clothes. Rudra and Soumya get lift from a truck. They both argue infront of other people in truck. Ladies feel they are newly weds and arguing. Rudra and Soumya clear that they are not married. Rudra borrows a man’s phone to make a call home, while Soumya goes to hire a taxi. Rudra calls Omkara and informs that his car got stolen. He asks him to send a car for him. Omkara asks about Soumya. Rudra says Soumya is with me. Soumya shouts about their marriage. Rudra worries thinking Omkara heard the marriage truth.