Soumya relieves Harman’s insecurities in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman doesn’t want Soumya to go away. She tells him that Raavi didn’t had food till now, she is much upset, I will take food for her. Harman angrily breaks the glass. He tells her that she makes him much upset, she cares for everyone, except him. She tells him that his family is her family, who will take care of them if she doesn’t do. Soumya sings a song to convince Harman. She doesn’t want Harman to stay annoyed. Harman enjoys her song and acts more annoyed to make her romance further. She tries a lot to convince him. He gets distance and teases her.

He feels insecure thinking Soumya is always busy with Preeto. She tells him that Preeto is close to her, she is also her like her mum. He tells her that everyone is same in the house, I m fed up of Raavi and Balwinder’s drama. She says Balwinder was lying to Raavi, her reaction was true. He says you can’t make any changes here, you are alone, family won’t support you. He gets a headache. She applies balm and massages his head. She tells Harman how much she loves him. She says my life is incomplete without you, you are my world, I enjoy even your sweet scoldings. She hugs him. Harman gets glad by her romantic side. He tells her that he won’t shout on her again. They spend some good time.


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