Anushka gets blamed for Komal’s kidnapping in Laado 2


Yuvraaj’s sister Komal gets kidnapped. Yuvraaj gets to know this. The man tells Yuvraaj how he was beaten up when he tried to save Komal. Choudhary family gets angry knowing their enemy has dared to do this. Yuvraaj tells the family that their small mistake can become a big risk for Komal, he will solve this mess and find Komal. He does the aid to the man. Anushka helps Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets a CD. They see a CD and get worried. The blame comes on Anushka. Tai ji hurts Anushka. Anushka gets determined to save Komal.

Tai ji yells on Anushka. She tells Anushka has done this to take revenge. Anushka asks Tai ji to scold her later and let her leave to find Komal first. Anushka meets Amma ji and asks her about Komal. She asks Amma ji why did she kidnap Komal. Amma ji agrees to do as Anushka’s wants, only on the condition that Anushka will not return to Yuvraaj’s house. Amma ji admits she has kidnapped Komal. Yuvraaj’s anger builds up on Anushka. What will Anushka decide? Keep reading.


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