Kartik and Naira face a low-down phase in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Naira learns that a dancer Sahil has drunk the wrong medicine. He loses senses and does a filmi drama. He calls for his lover, who isn’t there. Naira doesn’t want her dance event to get spoiled. Naira explains Sahil to get down. Kartik meets Naira and tells her that he has seen her in tension and came to check. He sees Sahil’s madness. He asks him to get down, he will get hurt if he falls. She asks him to go office for the meeting. He refuses. She doesn’t know about the family getting against her.

She tells him that Manish will be waiting for him. He tells her that he can’t leave her alone in such a tough situation. Kartik finds a solution. Kartik saves the guy’s life and helps Naira. Kartik misses the meeting, which annoys Manish. Manish feels bad that Kartik is turning irresponsible. Dadi doesn’t feel its Kartik’s fault. She holds Naira responsible. She tells Manish that Naira is controlling Kartik’s life completely. Naira gets accused for spoiling Kartik’s future. They scold Naira. Kartik is doing the duties of a good husband. Naira didn’t wish him to miss out fulfilling other duties. Kartik takes a stand for Naira, against the family.


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