Anami to reveal Satrupa’s bad deeds in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa wants to get rid of Sudha. She throws Sudha out of the house. Sudha doesn’t lose. Sudha tries to buy some time by using her tears. She asks Satrupa to let her stay for one day, so that she can complete her fast for Narottam’s happiness. Satrupa asks her to leave the next day, without breaking her patience. Dadi keeps a peace puja for Anami. She feels Anami won’t come to attend the puja. Satrupa feels Anami has to understand the family’s efforts. She wants to prove that she has done everything for her betterment. Anami wants Satrupa to withdraw the case against Adhiraj. She makes a plan to pressurize Satrupa.

Dheeru feels Satrupa has turned blind by her pride. He tells Adhiraj that Satrupa feels his help to Anami is a revenge plan. Adhiraj doesn’t care for Satrupa’s thinking. Dheeru warns Adhiraj against keeping his friendship with Anami. He tells Adhiraj that befriending Anami would upset Satrupa and her family. Adhiraj hides his feelings for Anami from Dheeru. Dheeru tells him that Lal Mahal people are ungrateful and selfish. He expects Adhiraj to obey him.

Anami tells Satrupa that Adhiraj opposed her leaving, but she was adamant to leave Lal Mahal. She asks Satrupa to withdraw the case. Satrupa politely refuses. She tells Anami that she is punishing Adhiraj for tarnishing their family respect.

Meanwhile, Sudha blackmails Satrupa by reminding her plans to hurt Anami’s family. She tells Satrupa that she will not leave from the house. She scares Satrupa. Sudha manages to secure her place in Lal Mahal.

Anami reveals the reason for her leaving. She refuses to accept Satrupa as her mum. She insults Satrupa for not having a heart and playing with everyone’s lives for her motives. Anami accuses Satrupa for kidnapping Lakshya, which compelled her to leave the family. Anami refuses to apologize to Satrupa. She asks Satrupa to withdraw the case and free Adhiraj from all the blames. She justifies her decision to get away from the family.


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