Ahaan’s birthday loaded with twists in Colors’ Valentine’s Day Special


Colors’ superhit shows will have a merger. Ahaan’s birthday will be celebrated. Everyone observes the birthday boy sorrowful. Aparna asks Ahaan to welcome the guests. Many guests drop in. Ahaan loses his focus. All he thinks about is Pankti. He loses track of her. He wishes Pankti listens to his heart and comes in the party. Ahaan gets help from his friends, who understand his sadness. Ahaan’s willingness to live ends. Pankti was his life, who went away. Ahaan doesn’t respect to them. They all try everything to bring his smile back.

Ahaan and Pankti’s romance will be seen after a long time. Ahaan would imagine Pankti and perform on a romantic number. Sanchi and Veer perform on SRK-Kajol’s song and show their style. Veer has hope that he will win Sanchi’s love some day.

Aarohi dances in a mysterious fashion. Deep doubts if she is Tara or Aarohi. Deep and Aarohi hthen have a romantic dance. Parth, Shorvori and Teni also add up entertainment. Ahaan hopes Pankti comes back and revives him. Harman finds Ahaan lost and sad. Harman encourages Ahaan. He wishes Ahaan for the birthday and cheers him. He tells her that Pankti will really come and end his wait. Harman along with others try to unite Ahaan and Pankti. Deep and Aarohi find Pankti. They arrange a video call and make Ahaan and Pankti communicate. Pankti attends the birthday party in a disguise. She leaves a gift for Ahaan.


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