Amrita to learn Madhav’s bitter intentions in Meri Durga


Durga, Rana, Yashpal and Annapurna succeed to fail Madhav’s plans to kidnap Umang. They learn Param’s real identity. They get a big shock on knowing Madhav is alive. They didn’t expect him to cheat them. Sanjay faces a tough time when Aarti’s dad sends his men to vacate his house. Gayatri doesn’t care for anything. She is ready to give away the house, properties and jewelry. Amrita meets Madhav after a long time. She gets glad that he has returned in her life. Her happiness turns into sorrow when she learns Madhav has remarried. Durga tells Amrita about Madhav’s evil intentions. She feels Madhav never deserved Amrita.

Amrita confronts Madhav for the deceive. She asks him why did he run away like a coward. She scolds him for attempting to snatch her son. Amrita doesn’t want Madhav to claim Umang’s custody. Madhav feels sorry to cheat Amrita. He apologizes to Amrita. He is grateful to her for raising Umang single-handedly. Amrita gets heartbroken. The family supports Amrita.

Sanjay learns the matter. He becomes part of their sorrow and supports them. Amrita doesn’t want the family to cry for her. She tells them that everything will get fine since they are by her side. She feels lucky to have a supportive family. She tells them that its good they have learnt Madhav’s truth, it has ended her wait now, she can move on in life. Amrita makes everyone proud. Amrita wants to normalize things for Umang. Sanjay suggests something to cheer up Umang. Meanwhile, Aarti gets crazy. She threatens to commit suicide if she fails in the race. She doesn’t want to lose out to Durga. Aarti’s dad worries for her life. He assures her that she will win in the race and Durga won’t take away the victory this time. He plans to threaten Durga and limit her from running in the race.


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