Babbu’s denial to break Nimki’s heart in Nimki Mukhiya


Nimki’s family faces new problems. Nimki returns home after getting troubled by her in-laws. Nimki hopes Babbu comes to pick her and take her back to the haveli. Nimki’s wait gets on increasing. She makes excuses and stories to keep her family believing her fake happiness. Nimki hides her worries. Ram Bachan feels Nimki is hiding something. On his asking, Nimki doesn’t reveal anything, so that he doesn’t worry for her future. She is not aware of Tetar’s planning to snatch her minister’s post for Babbu. She innocently believes some other reason behind Anaro’s anger.

Ram Bachan visits the haveli and learns Singh family has left Nimki. He understands Nimki lied to them till now. He tells the family that Babbu won’t come to take Nimki. He says they asked us to send Nimki back if we want, but we won’t welcome her happily. Nimki gets hurt. She asks him why did he go there, do they have any self esteem or not. Mahua tells her that villagers are taunting Ram Bachan about her stay in Maayka, they are asking when will she go back. Nimki asks who are they to ask about my stay in my Maayka.

Nimki gets upset. Nimki realizes her lies are known to her family now. She was lying that Babbu and everyone love her a lot, and Babbu was surely come to pick her. Her hopes break down. Tunee asks Nimki to come along for a movie. Nimki agrees to go for a movie, as Babbu isn’t coming to pick her. She finds the way to stay happy, while her family gets surprised by her cool attitude. Nimki and Tunee go for the movie. Babbu learns about it and gets jealous. Will Babbu take Nimki back to the haveli? Keep reading.


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