High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Badho Bahu:
Badho learns that Teji is Jatta Singh, who was staying in their house in disguise for Pragya’s sake. Vardaan reveals that Pragya has always loved Teji, who also proved his love by his daring act. He wants Pragya and Teji to unite. Lucky supports Pragya’s love for Teji, since he doesn’t know Teji cheated them by Jatta’s identity. Badho can’t keep the truth to herself. Vardaan requests her not to tell anything to Lucky. He doesn’t want Lucky’s trust on Pragya to break.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil learns about Vedika’s insult planned by Badi Amma. He meets Vedika to apologize to her. Vedika asks him to walk on his different path. She tells them that they can never get together. She prefers to live alone like before. She doesn’t want to keep Sahil in her house. She refuses to take his help. She asks Sahil not to fight for her, as its just creating more troubles for her. She doesn’t want to keep any terms with Sahil. Badi Amma is sure that Vedika will drop all her thoughts about accepting Sahil’s proposal.

Laado 2:
Anushka learns about the girl kidnapped. She opposes Rantej and his brothers. She tells him that they can’t do this when she is there to protect the girl. Rantej laughs on her. He threatens her. He asks her to better save herself. He tells her that he has kidnapped girls many times before and this is nothing new for him. He asks Anushka not to get in between his work. The girl begs Rantej to leave her. Rantej and his brothers trouble the girl. The girl runs away to Anushka. Anushka protects her. She wants to stop Rantej’s crimes. She tells him that his crimes won’t be tolerated now, as his biggest support Balwant is no more.

Anchal tries to take revenge from Ranvir. She wants to kill him to end his story forever. She knows Ranvir badly wants her love. She spikes the drink. She wants to decide her victory. She poisons Ranvir to put an end to his crimes. Anchal won’t get rid of Ranvir so easily.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh gets helpless when he is denied every job. Akhilesh doesn’t get any respect because of Ira’s mistake. He saves a girl with clean intentions, but gets misunderstood like always. Akhilesh gets fed up of the happenings. He hears a Saint telling the public about a ritual to prove manhood. Akhilesh stands on the sharp nails to prove he is still a man. Akhilesh bears the pain till his feet bleeds by the nail piercing. Meanwhile, Ira turns smart and proves herself right to Pushpa. She exposes Devina by making her speak out the truth herself. Pushpa gets disappointed with Devina and orders her to leave the house. Devina asks Pushpa not to dare think so. Ira obeys Pushpa and throws out Devina from the mansion.


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