High-octane auction drama continues with Tej’s return in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Tej to roll up the family politics again

Shivay and Anika come back home and form a great source of strength for the family yet again. After an emotional meet with every family member, Shivay gets keen to stop the auction. Obros keep the Ram-Sita idol back. Shivay keeps Dadi’s wishes. He tells the officials that none can snatch their Oberoi mansion. The official tells him that all his style, ego and attitude will bite dust when the someone buys his house in front of his eyes. Shivay wants to bid for his house to stop someone else from acquiring their ancestral property. Shivay tells him that he has come well prepared and he has already registered himself for the bidding. He asks the official to go ahead and start the auction, since he also wants to win his house back soon. Oberois don’t lose and want to prove it to Veer again.

Veer is confident that Shivay will badly lose everything. He is sure that Anika will come to him soon. Shivay tells the family that he will do anything to arrange the money in time. He asks them to look after Dadi.

Anika worries for Shivay’s problem. Shivay asks Anika to trust him. Anika shows her belief in him. He tells her that he has signed new business deals, and he is awaiting its advance payments. They learn the auction has started. The rich businessmen gather for the bidding. Veer too sends his associate to buy the Oberoi mansion. Veer plans to buy the house and then barter it for Anika. He learns Shivay has also come ahead for the bidding. He is sure that Shivay can never win the bidding, since he is bankrupt. Veer stays happy and calm, awaiting the news of his victory.

Oberois get sad seeing their memorable things auctioned. They lose their memories. Shivay worries for Dadi’s emotions. Shivay waits for the payments. The family loses their vehicles, accessories and favorite things in the auction. Anika asks Shivay to hurry up. Omkara gets regretting when his favorite paintings are sold away. Omkara feels helpless. He apologizes to Gauri for not keeping his promise to keep her happy. Gauri pacifies him. Oberoi bahus lose out their jewelry. Anika tells Shivay that he is her real asset, and she doesn’t care for anything else.

Oberois loses more of their memories. Shivay apologizes to the family. He waits for the fund transfer to save the big thing, the Oberoi mansion. Anika and entire family support Shivay in the tough time. Tej returns home, only to face the horrible moment. Tej insults Shivay and Anika for coming back without his permission. Tej gets angry on Omkara for boasting big things and coming back home for rich comforts. Tej has no idea about the auction. Tej faces the wrath of his sons. Tej isn’t aware of the happenings. Omkara asks Tej to stop the drama. Jhanvi tells Tej about the house auction. Tej receives a big shock knowing he is considered responsible for this mess. He denies to know anything about it. Dadi loses faith in Tej and slaps him. Veer’s associate bids with the highest amount to fail Shivay. Can Shivay protect his family’s happiness from Veer’s dirty tricks? Keep reading.


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