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    YHM: Ashok and Ishita lay a plan to trap Parmeet. They want Parmeet to accept his plans to frame Aaliya in the fake murder case. Simmi hurries to get Raman and Mihika married. Pihu gets upset with Raman’s decision. She vents out her dislike for Mihika. Raman fails to understand why Pihu calls Ishita as her mum. Simmi doesn’t let Raman learn his marriage truth. Parmeet realizes Ishita’s planning and acts clever. He catches hold of Ashok and Ishita. Parmeet laughs out on their poor planning. He asks Ishita to come up with something better. Parmeet tells Ishita that she can’t prove anything. She wants Aaliya to get free. She asks him to stop his blackmailing. Parmeet wants to keep dominating Ishita by using her weakness.


    Neil turns upset with Avni for taking the law in hand again. Avni apologizes to him. Neil mocks his annoyance to win her attention. He tells her that she has done wrong, but she has helped the law by making a criminal confess his crime. He says police force really needs people like her. He asks her to join him in his work, he will recommend her to the commission and begin her training. Avni likes the offer. She thanks Neil for understanding.


    Dadi tells the family that she will make a big charity this time. She wants to show the society about her family’s success. Naira opposes Dadi’s superstitions. She asks Dadi not to teach wrong things to the kids. She has a different thinking. She tells Dadi that they can donate things to the needy people than having false beliefs. Naira fails to explain anything to Dadi. The family worries for their arguments. Naira tells them that Lord doesn’t need any charity or gifts from devotees.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa forbids Adhiraj from coming in Anami’s birthday party. She asks him not to stain Dheeru’s name by his mistakes. She reminds his old mistakes and how she has tackled him. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve to be in Anami’s life. She counts Dheeru’s mistakes as well, and upsets Adhiraj. Dheeru meets Dada ji, who apologizes for Satrupa’s misdeeds. Dada ji wants to secure Royal Steels. He invites Dheeru for Anami’s birthday. He asks Dheeru to come over and bless Anami.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga, Rana, Yashpal and Annapurna succeed to fail Madhav’s plans to kidnap Umang. They learn Param’s real identity. They get a big shock on knowing Madhav is alive. They didn’t expect him to cheat them. Sanjay faces a tough time when Aarti’s dad sends his men to vacate his house. Gayatri doesn’t care for anything. She is ready to give away the house, properties and jewelry. Amrita meets Madhav after a long time. She gets glad that he has returned in her life. Her happiness turns into sorrow when she learns Madhav has remarried. Durga tells Amrita about Madhav’s evil intentions. She feels Madhav never deserved Amrita.


    Shivay and Anika come back home and form a great source of strength for the family yet again. After an emotional meet with every family member, Shivay gets keen to stop the auction. Obros keep the Ram-Sita idol back. Shivay keeps Dadi’s wishes. He tells the officials that none can snatch their Oberoi mansion. The official tells him that all his style, ego and attitude will bite dust when the someone buys his house in front of his eyes. Shivay wants to bid for his house to stop someone else from acquiring their ancestral property. Shivay tells him that he has come well prepared and he has already registered himself for the bidding. He asks the official to go ahead and start the auction, since he also wants to win his house back soon. Oberois don’t lose and want to prove it to Veer again.


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