Moments of solace for Neil-Avni return in Naamkarann


Neil turns upset with Avni for taking the law in hand again. Avni apologizes to him. Neil mocks his annoyance to win her attention. He tells her that she has done wrong, but she has helped the law by making a criminal confess his crime. He says police force really needs people like her. He asks her to join him in his work, he will recommend her to the commission and begin her training. Avni likes the offer. She thanks Neil for understanding.

Avni plans a surprise for Neil. Neil gets happy seeing the romantic setup. Avni recalls her life’s journey. She apologizes to cheat him for marrying him. She feels sorry that he has gone through a lot to accomplish her dreams and revenge motives against her enemies. Neil tells her that its part of his duty to take risk and punish criminals. Avni feels guilty to trouble him.

Neil tells her that she has taught him the true meaning of love. He finds their love strong. Avni and Neil spend some good time and renew their marriage vows. Avni promises to not become a reason for his troubles again. Neil promises to always safeguard her. They confess love to each other. Neil and Avni are not aware of Vidyut planning to marry Avni. Vidyut finds new ways to call Avni at his place and threaten her about Neil and his family. Avni will learn Prakash’s involvement in Neela’s murder case.


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