Susheel’s Bidaai ceremony marks a new beginning in Ikyawann


Satya and Susheel get married. Dada ji is relieved that Susheel’s marriage didn’t stop. He gets emotional when he does Susheel’s bidaai. He doesn’t know Satya’s intentions yet. The family promises Susheel to support her always. Susheel will try to end the enmities between both the families. Satya and Susheel take blessings from Lord. Leela stops Susheel from touching her feet, and instead hugs her happily. Susheel is relieved by Leela’s good behavior. Susheel gets emotional that Mehul isn’t with her. She didn’t wish her bidaai to happen without her Maapaa.

Susheel’s uncles bless her. They have raised Susheel as their own daughter. They can’t express their emotions. Dada ji surprises Susheel by his emotional speech. He feels Leela is a good lady with a great heart that she has forgiven the bitter past of Mehul and Kiran, and accepted Susheel for Satya. He gets grateful to Leela for completing Satya and Susheel’s love story. He hopes Leela will always shower love on Susheel. Leela too promises them of looking after Susheel well. Susheel’s family makes a leave from Satya’s house. Will things change for Susheel? Keep reading.


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