Vedika to part ways with Sahil in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se


Sahil returns home to celebrate his birthday. He confesses love to Vedika once again by an amazing singing performance. His wait for his special someone ends when he falls in love with Vedika. The family doesn’t like Sahil and Vedika’s bonding. Deepak doesn’t feel good seeing Vedika at home, and Badi Amma’s planning to humiliate her. Vedika bears all the humiliation. Vedika and Sahil’s age difference becomes a big hurdle in their relationship.

Sahil learns about Vedika’s insult planned by Badi Amma. He meets Vedika to apologize to her. Vedika asks him to walk on his different path. She tells them that they can never get together. She prefers to live alone like before. She doesn’t want to keep Sahil in her house. She refuses to take his help. She asks Sahil not to fight for her, as its just creating more troubles for her. She doesn’t want to keep any terms with Sahil. Badi Amma is sure that Vedika will drop all her thoughts about accepting Sahil’s proposal.


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