An action-packed auction drama gets a bigger twist in Ishqbaaz


Dadi vents out anger on Tej. She scolds him for stooping so low and ruining the respect. She reprimands him for not valuing his dad’s legacy and values. She tells Tej that she can never forgive him for hurting their family reputation. Dadi breaks down seeing the house slipping out of their hands. Shivay consoles Dadi. He tells her that he will never let the family’s respect get tarnished. He promises Dadi that they will not lose the house at any cost. The auction for the house begins and gives jitters to the family. Shivay couldn’t save anything in the auction. He waits for the funds transfer. Veer’s associate bids a big amount to get the house. Veer wants the house to his name, so that he can pressurize Anika.

Shivay gets glad knowing about the money credited in his account. Shivay barges back into the auction and stops the house sale. He bids the biggest and unimaginable figure to seal the bidding in his stride. Veer watches the auction on live news. He gets aback by Shivay’s big move. He doesn’t understand how Shivay has managed to save his house.

Shivay pays for his house and all the belongings sold out. He asks anyone if they can bid higher than his bid. Veer’s associate doesn’t dare to bid more. Shivay wins Oberoi mansion back. He saves his family’s respect. The family gets happy with Shivay’s surprise. Veer finds hard to digest the fact that Shivay has saved his ancestral property. He vows to ruin Shivay’s family and their reputation. He sends Shwetlana at Oberoi mansion.

Shwetlana makes an entry to ruin Oberoi’s name. She creates a scene in front of the media. She threatens Shivay that she will leak the Kalyani mills’ secret to ruin their respect. He wants to expose Tej’s crime in front of the media. Shwetlana produces the evidences relating to the fire incident. The family worries for another shock coming their way. The media questions Tej and Shakti for mocking their greatness and stooping down for their greed.

Shwetlana asks Shivay how will he save the family respect after this truth coming out. Shivay prepares to reply her. He tells her that its his turn to produce the real facts. He doesn’t let the game end in her favor. Shivay presents the real and complete footage of the mills incident. He proves Tej’s innocence to the world. Shivay saves the family’s respect by cleaning the stain on Tej’s name. Shwetlana didn’t know about the footage too. She doesn’t understand how Shivay got the real footage. Shwetlana is not aware that Tia has helped Shivay prove Tej’s innocence. Tia deliberately helps Shivay, to save Anika and his relation from shattering. Shivay defeats Veer and Shwetlana. Shwetlana bears the insult by Oberoi family. Shivay makes Shwetlana out of his house. Shivay keeps his vow and protects his family from all the problems. Shivay gets hunting for Veer. Shivay wants to confront Veer for his motives.