Avni’s death twist marks a short leap in Naamkarann


Vidyut threatens Avni about Neil and her in-laws. He fulfills his dream of marrying Avni. Vidyut prepares the mandap. He gets too happy that his dream is turning into a reality. He compels Avni to come for the marriage. Avni arrives at his house with Mishti. Vidyut welcomes her with flowers and aarti. Vidyut has put her in a fix. Avni had to come to Vidyut to save Neil’s family. Avni has a plan to expose Vidyut’s crimes. She asks Vidyut to accept Mishti. Vidyut agrees to all her conditions. He is mad about Avni. He decides Avni’s bridal dress and jewelry. He gives many options to Avni. Mishti asks Avni not to marry Vidyut. Avni consoles the little girl. She hides her real intentions from Vidyut. Vidyut shows his intense passion for Avni. He tells her that he loves her the most.

Vidyut wants to see Avni all decked up for him. Avni has a motive to end his crimes. She wants to make the mandap his pyre. Avni is sure to ruin him. She tells him that he can never win. Vidyut doesn’t care for her refusal. She tells Vidyut that even if he marries her by force, she will never love him, he will always long for her love.

Meanwhile, Neil and his family get a big shock when Avni gets trapped inside the fire. Neil fails to save Avni after many efforts. Neil believes Avni has died by the fire breaking out. Someone else’s dead body is declared to be of Avni. Neil, Ali and family share their sorrow over Avni leaving from their house. Neil doesn’t know Vidyut had planned the fire incident to take away his bride. Neil gets Avni’s death confirmed by the doctor. Neil slips in shock. The family consoles Neil.

Avni has taken the step to save Neil and their family from Vidyut’s terror. Avni hides a pistol. She wants to kill Vidyut. Avni reminisces Neil and gains strength. Avni doesn’t want to stay with Vidyut. She gets emotional seeing Neela and Aisha’s pictures. She shares her decision with them. She is ready to sacrifice her life, if she fails to counter her enemy. The show will take a short leap. Neil and Avni will be living separated. Avni will be seen living with Vidyut with a motive to ruin him.


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