High Five Spoilers

Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more

Laado 2:
Rantej and his brothers kidnap a girl and flee in a bus. Anushka gets this news and reaches them. She stops the bus and teaches a lesson to Rantej. She throws chilli in their eyes and drives the bus away to safe the girl. She has turned into a strong woman. Anushka saves the girl by her smartness and bold attitude. Anushka vows to save women from creepy men of Veerpur. Anushka takes Amma ji’s strong avatar. She follows Amma ji’s teaching.

Leela does Susheel’s grah pravesh. Sejal guides Susheel in performing the rituals. Susheel gets emotional. Everyone seems to be happy with Susheel’s entry, while Satya controls his frustration. Susheel prays to gain strength. She wants to keep both the families happy and united. Some girls make fun of her tall personality. Susheel doesn’t care for anyone’s words. Susheel recalls Satya’s bitterness. She is much upset within. She still has determination to keep everyone happy. Satya and Leela plan to trouble Susheel. Susheel gets worried when a dog enters the room. Susheel runs around in frightened state. Susheel then learns its Satya’s pet dog. Satya and Susheel get into an argument. Satya gets upset seeing the room decorations ruined by Susheel.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Holi celebrations will be seen. Pushpa and Ira enjoy the Lathmar holi, while Devina and her children prefer to stay away the annoying colors. Pushpa vents out frustration on Devina, while Ira also settles scores this way. Pushpa fools Devina about some rituals. Ira calls Akhilesh’s office to call him home. She learns Akhilesh has lost his job again. She doesn’t reveal it to Pushpa. She plans to cheer up Akhilesh when he comes home.

Colors’ Mahasangam:

Chakor and Suraj perform in the Mahasangam episode. Chakor asks Pankti to meet Ahaan. Pankti refuses. Chakor explains Pankti that Ahaan is really missing her. Ahaan senses Pankti is close. Pankti dons a disguise to hide from Ahaan. Ahaan identifies Pankti. He gets glad when he meets her. Pankti wants to save his life from unknown dangers. Pankti performs as Mastani. She finds the sharp shooter, who was hired by JD to kill Ahaan. Ahaan cuts the birthday cake. Pankti sees the aim at Ahaan. She pushes away Ahaan and saves his life. Ahaan sees Pankti and asks her to stop. Ahaan realizes Pankti was really around him. Everyone gets happy for Ahaan. Pankti runs after the shooter to catch him. Ahaan misses Pankti once again.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay confronts Bulbul for her strange behavior. Bulbul breaks down into tears and speaks up her sacrifice for Mandira and his love. Vijay scolds her for being so foolish. He angrily tells her that Mandira was lying to her. He confesses love to Bulbul. He finds hard to forgive Bulbul. He asks her how can she believe Mandira, and forget their relationship. She feels guilty. She apologizes to him. She emotionally blackmails him. Vijay asks her to repent for her mistakes. Vijay and Bulbul unite. Mandira’s plan to separate them fails.


Vidyut threatens Avni about Neil and her in-laws. He fulfills his dream of marrying Avni. Vidyut prepares the mandap. He gets too happy that his dream is turning into a reality. He compels Avni to come for the marriage. Avni arrives at his house with Mishti. Vidyut welcomes her with flowers and aarti. Vidyut has put her in a fix. Avni had to come to Vidyut to save Neil’s family. Avni has a plan to expose Vidyut’s crimes. She asks Vidyut to accept Mishti. Vidyut agrees to all her conditions. He is mad about Avni. He decides Avni’s bridal dress and jewelry. He gives many options to Avni. Mishti asks Avni not to marry Vidyut. Avni consoles the little girl. She hides her real intentions from Vidyut. Vidyut shows his intense passion for Avni. He tells her that he loves her the most.


Shivay succeeds to save Oberoi mansion in the auction. He wins the auction by the biggest bid. Shivay saves the family’s house which signified their respect and unity. The mansion held Dadi’s values and memories. Shivay didn’t let the family suffer. Shivay has proved to Tej and Jhanvi, that he is the family’s strength. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra wipe off the partition line and declare the family’s unity.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Daali prepares for Valentine’s day. Janki wants her to do Maha Shivratri puja, so that she can pray and get a good groom. Daali refuses to do any puja. She doesn’t want to get married. She tells Janki that she will never marry. Janki asks Kanhaiya to help him. Kanhaiya vows to make Daali perform the puja.


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