Ishita to stop Raman-Mihika’s marriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures

Ruhi, Adi and Aaliya team up to spoil Raman and Mihika’s pre-wedding functions. During the mehendi ceremony, the trio plan something big. Simmi sends Ruhi to call Mihika. Ruhi gets Mihika for the mehendi. The Bhallas get excited for the ceremony. Pihu fools Mihika. She makes Mihika close her eyes and asks her to see the mehendi when it gets completed. Mihika closes her eyes, to keep Pihu’s wish. Mrs. Bhalla applies shagun mehendi to Raman. Ruhi replaces Mihika’s mehendi. She takes the shagun mehendi for Ishita. Ruhi tells Ishita that she has got the shagun mehendi for her, as she truly deserves it. She tells Ishita that just she has the right on Raman. Ishita gets glad to have Raman’s name in her hands. She feels proud of Ruhi.

After an argument scene between Mihika and Ishita, Parmeet decides to take advantage of their fight. Mihika says you all are jealous as I am becoming Raman’s wife. Mihika doesn’t respect Mrs. Iyer. She asks her if she is worried for Ishita now. She says Ishita can marry Ashok, who is very rich.

Mihika misbehaves with Iyer, which infuriates Ishita. Mihika throws the wine at Mrs. Iyer. Ishita also does the same with Mihika. She pours out the champagne bottle over Mihika. Ishita scolds her and says you really deserve this. Parmeet ignites the fire to Mihika’s dress, only to blame Ishita. He is trying his best to separate Raman and Mihika. Raman and his family rescue Mihika from the fire. Ishita asks Mihika is she fine. Raman asks Ishita to stay away. Simmi lies that she has seen Ishita igniting the fire to Mihika’s saree. She asks Raman to realize how Ishita is spoiling the functions by using the children.

Ishita denies the blames. Bala defends Ishita. Raman doesn’t listen to Iyers. Raman and Simmi yell on Ishita for attempting to kill Mihika. Ishita asks Simmi how can she blame her. She gets trapped in enemies’ planning once again. She can never wish bad for anyone. Still, she gets accused.

Ishita tells Raman that she didn’t ignite the fire. Raman says you all mean to say my family is mad to do this themselves. He shows his belief in Simmi. Raman asks Ishita why did she pour the wine, knowing it could get dangerous. Ishita asks Mihika does she also believe that her sister can harm her. She apologizes to Raman and Mihika. Parmeet succeeds to make Raman against Ishita. Ishita doesn’t want Raman to marry Mihika. She knows he has forgotten their marriage and vows, but she can’t let him commit a big mistake of marrying someone else. She doesn’t want Raman and her relation to end forever. Ishita hurries to stop Raman and Mihika’s marriage, while Simmi and Parmeet plan to kidnap her. Will Ishita succeed to stop the marriage? Keep reading.


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