KaiRa to relive their golden moments in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: Celebrations plus Challenges for Kartik-Naira

Kartik and Naira argue because of their different mindsets. Naira wants to do what she believes right. She doesn’t want to leave her stand if she is not wrong. She doesn’t mend her ways to please Dadi. She tells Dadi that Kartik can’t pressurize her into changing her perception, just because he feels she is wrong. Kartik misunderstands her. He doesn’t want more irritation in his life. Naira feels he is changing much. She doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

Kartik and Naira prepare for Shiv-Parvati wedding. Singhanias also get invited for the ceremony. Dadi feels Priyanka and Naitik are hiding something. Singhanias grace the occasion. Naitik hides his illness from the family. Dadi finds Kirti worried. She asks her never to share her mistakes with Naksh or family. She tells her that Naksh will not support her if she tells him about the losses in her work.

Goenkas tell the significance of Shiv and Parvati’s wedding ritual they follow. Singhanias feel Kartik and Naira are lucky to get this chance to portray divine avatars. Kartik and Naira take the Shiv-Parvati’s avatar and surprise the family. They learn more about the God and Goddess. They get remarried. Naitik blesses them. He feels Naira is hiding some tension. He decides to talk to her after the marriage. Kartik and Naira relive their precious moments. Naitik starts getting dizzy and moves out of the crowd. Priyanka finds Naitik in such an ill state. Can Priyanka help him out? Keep reading.


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