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    YHM: Ruhi, Adi and Aaliya, along with entire Iyer family begin ruining the fun in Raman and Mihika’s marriage. Iyers get invited by Bhallas for the pre-wedding celebrations. They make plans to ruin the celebrations. They hit rotten tomatoes at Bhallas. Raman reacts seeing the family in trouble. Bala tells him that this is their family tradition. Raman asks Bala not to fool him. Bala justifies the tomato hit ritual. Mrs. Iyer does a big drama and wishes Mihika for her marriage. Bhallas start preparing for haldi and mehendi. Bala keeps an eye on Parmeet. He calls the mehendi artists and cancels the booking.


    Dadi vents out anger on Tej. She scolds him for stooping so low and ruining the respect. She reprimands him for not valuing his dad’s legacy and values. She tells Tej that she can never forgive him for hurting their family reputation. Dadi breaks down seeing the house slipping out of their hands. Shivay consoles Dadi. He tells her that he will never let the family’s respect get tarnished. He promises Dadi that they will not lose the house at any cost. The auction for the house begins and gives jitters to the family. Shivay couldn’t save anything in the auction. He waits for the funds transfer. Veer’s associate bids a big amount to get the house. Veer wants the house to his name, so that he can pressurize Anika.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami prepares for her birthday. She imagines Adhiraj around. She decides her dress by Adhiraj’s choice. Anami gets on verge of love realization. Anami learns the dress is very costly. Satrupa asks Anami to just wear the dress. Anami refuses to spend money on useless things. She tells the family that they should donate the money than spending on clothes and accessories. Dadi convinces Anami to keep their heart. Avdhoot gets upset with the birthday preparations. He plans to spoil Anami’s life. He wants Anami to enjoy the birthday to the fullest for the one last time. He conspires against Anami. He is sure that Anami will never become Lal Mahal’s heir.


    Vidyut calls up Avni and pressurizes her to meet him just once. Ballu fears for Vidyut heading towards his destruction. He calls up Neil and tells him that he can give him enough evidence against Vidyut. Ballu is ready to get Vidyut arrested, knowing Vidyut won’t spare his life by his madness. Neil gets convinced that Ballu isn’t lying. He agrees to collect the evidence from Ballu. He gets hopeful of throwing Vidyut behind the bars. Avni meets Vidyut and gets a huge shock when Vidyut replays Neela’s murder in front of her eyes. Vidyut explains how he has made Prakash shoot Neela by deceive.


    Kartik and Naira argue because of their different mindsets. Naira wants to do what she believes right. She doesn’t want to leave her stand if she is not wrong. She doesn’t mend her ways to please Dadi. She tells Dadi that Kartik can’t pressurize her into changing her perception, just because he feels she is wrong. Kartik misunderstands her. He doesn’t want more irritation in his life. Naira feels he is changing much. She doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga gets worried for Aarti, when the latter goes missing. Aarti and her dad conspire to push Durga in a mental trauma. Durga gets accused for Aarti’s suicide. She doesn’t know if Aarti has really committed suicide. She feels guilty. Sanjay and Gayatri understand the game Aarti’s dad is playing. They don’t want Durga to lose focus. Durga gets cursed by Aarti’s dad. She slips in a trauma. Durga asks Sanjay to find Aarti. Yashpal tells Sanjay that he has followed Aarti’s dad, and found him behaving completely normal. Gayatri tells Sanjay that she won’t let Durga suffer. She asks Durga not to think of Aarti. She encourages Durga into fighting with her fears. Durga tells them that she is not able to focus on her training.

    Gayatri calls up Rana to seek his help for getting Durga back in form. Rana tells them that Aarti is alive and she has also collected her race ticket to compete. Sanjay doesn’t want to spare Aarti now. He realizes Aarti’s cheap planning to down Durga’s morale. Sanjay tells them that Durga is much worried and won’t believe anything. He plans to catch Aarti and expose her game. Sanjay shares his secret plan with Yashpal and Rana. Sanjay reaches Aarti’s house and reveals that Aarti is dead. He scares him that sports authority will know Aarti’s death news soon. Aarti fears that she will be out of the competition if Sanjay proves this right. Sanjay spreads the news in media. He wants to compel Aarti into accepting her fake suicide drama. Sanjay informs Durga about his plan. He asks her to watch Aarti’s drama.


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