Ruhi to make tough things possible in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi, Adi and Aaliya, along with entire Iyer family begin ruining the fun in Raman and Mihika’s marriage. Iyers get invited by Bhallas for the pre-wedding celebrations. They make plans to ruin the celebrations. They hit rotten tomatoes at Bhallas. Raman reacts seeing the family in trouble. Bala tells him that this is their family tradition. Raman asks Bala not to fool him. Bala justifies the tomato hit ritual. Mrs. Iyer does a big drama and wishes Mihika for her marriage. Bhallas start preparing for haldi and mehendi. Bala keeps an eye on Parmeet. He calls the mehendi artists and cancels the booking.

Bala then cuts the power line in Bhalla house. Iyers want to see how Bhallas celebrate their functions in darkness. Bala makes fun of Parmeet. He offers him help, which makes Parmeet doubt on him. Parmeet manages to help himself. He calls the mehendi artists as well. Ruhi and Aaliya tell their plan to Pihu. They manage to get the shagun mehendi for Ishita.

Ishita tries finding the money lender to prove Aaliya’s innocence. She hunts for some way. She uses the man’s greedy side to trap him. Ishita is sure that she will find the man soon. She awaits the man. She wants to expose Parmeet and Simmi. Ishita returns home. She learns about Mihika’s mehendi ceremony. She misses Raman. Ruhi cheers her up by getting the shagun mehendi. Ruhi tells Ishita that Raman will always be of her. Ishita gets hopeful that she can stop Raman’s marriage with her children’s help. Ishita throws a challenge for Parmeet and Simmi to stop her if they can. She devises a plan to stay close to Raman.


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