Avni to haunt Vidyut as a spirit in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni plans to turn the mandap into Vidyut’s pyre. She ignites the fire. Vidyut gets a big shock when his house catches fire. Vidyut runs out of the house. He then learns Avni is still inside. Vidyut returns to find Avni. Avni gets trapped inside fire. Neil and DD reach there with the team. Neil attempts to put off the fire. He fails to save her. DD stops Neil from jumping into the fire. Avni shouts for help. Vidyut reaches there and tries to save Avni. Even he fails to enter the fire zone. Neil doesn’t listen to DD. He enters the house to get Avni out. Avni tells Neil that she doesn’t want to die. She asks him to get her out. She has laid the plan to either kill Vidyut or herself. Neil cries out on his failure. Neil then faints. When he gets conscious, he sees Avni and Mishti’s dead bodies. Neil loses his senses.

Neil sees Vidyut there. He gets angry on Vidyut. Vidyut asks Neil to call Avni back to life, as she listens to him. He begs Neil to get Avni back. Neil asks him not to take Avni’s name. Neil and Vidyut have a fight. Neil gets Avni’s mangalsutra. He cries for Avni. Vidyut too gets shattered on Avni’s death.

Avni changes her getup and leaves from the place safely. She finds Neil in a sobbing and broken state. She feels sorry to lie to Neil and give him so much sorrow. Avni sticks to her plans. Avni then returns as a spirit to scare Vidyut and ask for justice. Vidyut sees Avni’s burnt face and asks her to get away. Vidyut knows Avni is dead and visualizes her. She asks Vidyut to die along with her, as this has happened because of him. Vidyut doesn’t understand how a spirit can haunt him. Avni mocks death to fool Vidyut. Avni and Mishti stay fine. She lays this plan to get rid of Vidyut forever. She wants to make Vidyut confess his crimes.


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