Bulbul’s warning for Mandira in Saam Daam Dand Bhed

Bulbul's warning for Mandira in Saam Daam Dand Bhed Star Bharat

Mandira and Anant celebrate Holi. Mandira lies to Anant. She will bring a storm in everyone’s lives. Mandira is mad for Vijay. She plays a new game. She fakes dizziness. Anant asks her what’s the matter. Mandira hides the matter initially. Anant asks her who has done wrong with her. She refuses to tell the matter, as she doesn’t want to hurt him. Mandira lies to him about Vijay and her affair. She wants to put the blame on Vijay. She keeps Vijay’s love letter in front of Anant. She keeps him confused, so that Anant finds out everything on his own. Anant blindly believes Mandira. She succeeds to fool him. She plans to manipulate and tell him about Vijay’s obsession for her.

Meanwhile, Bulbul returns home. Gayatri gets angry on her. She asks Bulbul why did she come back after showing them a hell. She asks Bulbul to leave from the house. Bulbul apologizes to Gayatri. Bulbul meets Mandira and warns her against playing any games. She tells Mandira that she has learnt all her moves, and Vijay will never be trapped. She says Vijay will always be my husband, better stay away from him. Mandira gets enraged.


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