Chakor on verge of losing her life in Udaan

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Ranvijay plans to kill Chakor. He involves Suraj in his plan. Suraj agrees to Ranvijay in order to take revenge from Chakor. He also wants to kill Chakor and get justice for his dad’s murder. Ranvijay tells Suraj that Imli can’t bound him by anything and he is free to commit Chakor’s murder. He asks Suraj to call Chakor at the top of the cliff, so that he can complete the pending task. He assures Suraj that he will exact the revenge. Suraj meets Chakor with a plan to trap her. He asks Chakor to meet him at the cliff and answer his questions, which can become a key to recover his memory. Suraj gives her new hopes. He lies that he has seen her in the past shadows.

Chakor gets hopeful that Suraj is close to regain his memory. Chakor tells Suraj that she will meet him and answer everything, that can help him clean the dirt over his lost memories. Chakor gets devoted to Shiv and makes prayers for Suraj’s memory. Chakor leaves the aarti in between, with a prayer to complete the aarti along with her husband.

Chakor and Imli have an argument, before Chakor makes a mind to meet Suraj. Chakor gets keen to meet Suraj. She reaches the cliff, without being aware of Ranvijay’s evil trap to kill her. Ranvijay gets prepared to kill her. Ranvijay finds Chakor alone and begins his evil game to take her life. Chakor learns Suraj’s big deceive and understands Ranvijay has manipulated him. She still holds belief in Suraj and shouts to him to seek help. Ranvijay injures Chakor and takes the big step to kill her by dumping her down the cliff. Kasturi learns Suraj’s mad step to push Chakor towards death. She lectures him. Suraj’s memory gets triggered.


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