High Five Spoilers

Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more

Shakti: Soumya lies to the family to attend the kinner’s puja. She finds Kareena there. Kareena traps her in the plan. She tells everyone that Soumya is also a kinner. Soumya wants to know the ritual. She sends Soumya to Guru ji, who guides her through the rituals. Kareena asks Soumya how does she manage to live a dual life. She promises to not let anyone know about her. Harman waits for Soumya. Soumya returns home. Harman asks Soumya to get ready for going office. Harman gets upset finding Soumya’s lie. He questions her. Soumya fears to lie to Harman.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj gets confused over the three brides. He has just love for Devi. He doesn’t want to get married, but gets helpless because of Maasa, who arranges a Swayamvar for him. Maasa makes him do the rituals. Devi tries to spy. She hides her identity by a disguise. She wants to expose Maasa. Adhiraj and Devi’s separation gets painful. Devi will replace the bride and marry Adhiraj.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Rahul romances Avni. Avni shoos him away. He asks her if she is really thinking of marrying Piyush. She asks him not to let anyone see them together. He says I love you so much, but you always get away. She has no answer for Rahul. She deals with her feelings. On the other hand, Simar tells Piyush that Avni will become his friend forever, they will be marrying and from now on, he has to protect Avni’s respect. She explains Piyush how life partners support each other. Piyush takes the wedding invitation card to surprise Avni. He finds Avni.


Pinky tells Shivay about the house division. She argues with Jhanvi. She asks Shivay and Anika to come back over their side of the house. Shivay feels broken. There is much tension in Oberoi mansion. Shivay and his brothers discuss the problem and wipe off the division line. Shivay solves the problems. They have an emotional moment. Shivay and Anika decide to unmask Veer’s true face. Anika turns into a spy to help Shivay. Shivay wants to take revenge from Veer. Anika wants to bring Veer’s truth out. She follows Veer. She gets surprised seeing Veer at home.

Naamkarann: Avni plans to turn the mandap into Vidyut’s pyre. She ignites the fire. Vidyut gets a big shock when his house catches fire. Vidyut runs out of the house. He then learns Avni is still inside. Vidyut returns to find Avni. Avni gets trapped inside fire. Neil and DD reach there with the team. Neil attempts to put off the fire. He fails to save her. DD stops Neil from jumping into the fire. Avni shouts for help. Vidyut reaches there and tries to save Avni. Even he fails to enter the fire zone. Neil doesn’t listen to DD. He enters the house to get Avni out. Avni tells Neil that she doesn’t want to die. She asks him to get her out. She has laid the plan to either kill Vidyut or herself. Neil cries out on his failure.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira and Anant celebrate Holi. Mandira lies to Anant. She will bring a storm in everyone’s lives. Mandira is mad for Vijay. She plays a new game. She fakes dizziness. Anant asks her what’s the matter. Mandira hides the matter initially. Anant asks her who has done wrong with her. She refuses to tell the matter, as she doesn’t want to hurt him. Mandira lies to him about Vijay and her affair. She wants to put the blame on Vijay. She keeps Vijay’s love letter in front of Anant. She keeps him confused, so that Anant finds out everything on his own. Anant blindly believes Mandira. She succeeds to fool him. She plans to manipulate and tell him about Vijay’s obsession for her.


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