Leela to create troubles for Susheel in Ikyawann


Susheel’s Mu dikhai gets a twist. Leela tears the shagun saree and troubles Susheel. But, Susheel manages to staple the curtain cloth to the saree. She manages to don the ghunghat and come for Mu-dikhai. Leela finds Susheel’s smartness. She keeps the mirror and asks the ladies to see Susheel’s face in the mirror. She wants to give a twist to the function. Leela wants Susheel to cook food for everyone. Kali tells everyone that Susheel is not good in household chores, she may not know cooking, but she is good in sports, that’s why Satya likes her.

Leela asks Kali will Susheel let the guests go away. Susheel tells them that she will try as her dad has always taught her to attempt before giving up. She finds the ladies coughing and makes a ginger juice to relieve them. Susheel impresses them by her smartness. Susheel and Satya work out. Susheel does yoga. He ignores her. Susheel finds Satya angry with her. Susheel also decides not to bother him. He gets under the heavy weights. Susheel helps him. She saves him from the injury. They try to maintain silence, but start arguing.


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