Piyush’s move to protect Avni in Sasural Simar Ka


Rahul romances Avni. Avni shoos him away. He asks her if she is really thinking of marrying Piyush. She asks him not to let anyone see them together. He says I love you so much, but you always get away. She has no answer for Rahul. She deals with her feelings. On the other hand, Simar tells Piyush that Avni will become his friend forever, they will be marrying and from now on, he has to protect Avni’s respect. She explains Piyush how life partners support each other. Piyush takes the wedding invitation card to surprise Avni. He finds Avni.

Piyush sees them together. He misunderstands and gets angry on Rahul. He asks Rahul why is he troubling Avni. He beats up Rahul. Avni doesn’t stop Piyush. This infuriates Rahul further. Piyush asks Avni if she is fine. He warns Rahul against troubling Avni again. Avni gets angry on Hema. She doubts that Hema has stolen the necklace given by Simar. Hema tells her that she has lost the necklace and she is also finding it. Avni says you know its costly and you have taken it. Hema says I can’t get humiliated for it, I haven’t hidden it anywhere. She asks Avni to believe her. They will learn about Rahul stealing the necklace.


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