Raman stays in dilemma over his remarriage in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi applies the shagun mehendi to Ishita’s hands. She tells Ishita that they will always try to unite Raman and her. Ishita gets happy and feels proud of Ruhi. Raman also gets the shagun mehendi. Pihu spoils Mihika’s mehendi. Mihika gets much upset. She doesn’t tell anything in front of Raman. She reacts in a calm way. She later tells Simmi that the children are spoiling her functions. Mihika gets allergic to the bad mehendi. She decides to talk to Raman.

Ishita tells Simmi that she has got the shagun mehendi in her hands. She turns Simmi angry by the numerous taunts. Mihika gets more upset knowing about Ruhi’s move to apply mehendi to Ishita. Parmeet asks Mihika not to talk to Raman, as he will not care till Pihu is happy. He tells her that Raman can get against her if she complains about Pihu.

Meanwhile, Ruhi and Aaliya find ways to annoy Mihika and Simmi. Mihika keeps her cool, understanding its Ruhi’s plan to instigate her. Ishita seeks help from Ashok. She tries to find the money lender to prove Aaliya innocent. She wants to stop Raman’s marriage by failing Parmeet’s blackmailing move. Ashok tells his plans to find the man. He assures that he will find the man. He advises her to attend Raman’s sangeet, which could trigger his memory by chance. He asks Ishita to be around Raman and attempt to remind him their love. Ishita agrees to attend the sangeet.

Ishita and Raman have a moment, while he assumes her to be Mihika. On seeing Ishita, he gets upset. Pihu tries to show Mihika in bad sight in front of Raman. Ishita is sure that Raman will always love her and they can never get separated. Mihika and Raman leave for their sangeet. He tries hard to keep Ishita away. Iyers attend the function with a motive to spoil it. Bala and Adi discuss their plan. Ishita stays close to Raman. Will Raman recall his past? Keep reading.


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