Shivay to string the family together in Ishqbaaz

Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Shivay and Anika get back to their normal romance. He finds his big strength in her. Anika is happy that Shivay and his attitude is back. Dadi gives back Anika’s rights in the form of an ancestral necklace. She makes Shivay help Anika wear the necklace. Shivay and Anika have a happy moment. Dadi blesses them. Tia gets happy seeing them happy together. Tia keeps her lie about her blindness. Tia wishes they always stay together. She tells them that she is leaving for her eye treatment. She doesn’t want their relation to get affected by the mills secret.

Shivay and Anika witness the partition line. Shivay holds himself responsible for it. Anika tells him that this partition happened because of his absence. Pinky and Jhanvi get into an argument again. This upsets Shivay further. Jhanvi asks Pinky to stop blaming Tej. Shivay doesn’t know what mistake he made that the family doesn’t want to live happy and united. He asks Dadi to guide him in making things like before. He wants the family to stay united.

Dadi shows his belief in him. Dadi believes Shivay will always string the relations with strength and harmony. She encourages him to face this challenge and solve it by following the right path. Shivay follows the path of Shri Ram. He decides to end the house division. He talks out to his brothers. They together wipe off the line and get back their united house. They teach the elders that they should be together and united by heart. Shivay attempts to bring everyone closer. Rudra gets his wedding invitation cards. He wants Shivay’s name instead his father’s name. Jhanvi argues with Rudra over disrespecting Tej.

Rudra tells Jhanvi that Tej was never a responsible father, Shivay has raised him with love and care, just what a father does for a child. He tells Jhanvi that it will be Shivay’s name instead of Tej. Tej gets upset that Shivay is still portraying himself as a great figure. Tej finds it useless to talk to Omkara and Rudra. The arguments go on. Shivay puts a stop to it. He convinces Rudra to respect Tej.

The family blames Tej for signing the auction papers. Tej clears out that he doesn’t know anything, he has not auctioned the house, as its his pride. Shivay believes Tej. He feels Tej will never risk his house, he would never risk his sons’ future. He wonders if Veer is responsible for this big conspiracy. Shivay supports Tej with respect. Tej doesn’t accept Shivay’s humbleness with gratitude. He still opposes Shivay.

Shivay and Anika try to find Veer and his background. Shivay then finds Veer on the streets. He wishes to run over the car on Veer to punish him for his evil. Anika asks Shivay to control his anger. Shivay speeds up his car to run him over. Veer gets hit by the car. Shivay sympathizes with Veer. He makes an apology and offers him to come home. Shivay takes Veer to Oberoi mansion and gets him treated for his leg fracture. He asks Veer to stay with them till he recovers. He wants to keep an eye on Veer. He asks Veer to call his family. Veer asks him not to inform his family about his accident. Shivay gets praising of Veer. Shivay tells him that this time its his turn to keep the friendship.

Shivay then explains Anika why he has jammed the car into Veer. Veer doesn’t stop by small injuries. He gets determined to counter Shivay’s plan. Veer heals his wounds on his own, because of his martial arts skills. Veer gets back to form, while Shivay assumes him to be disabled. Veer finds Shivay foolish to get Raavan home. He plans to ruin down Shivay, starting from Oberoi mansion.


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