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Reads Ishqbaaz Jiji Maa

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja is restricted to roam around the house. Naren locks her in the room. He doubts that Pooja can hurt his mum. Pooja decides to cook food for him. She finds someone cooking in the kitchen. She sees Supriya there. She gets her ring as well. She wonders how did Supriya come there if she is lying paralyzed in the room. She gets a doubt over Supriya’s drama.


Chakor and Imli reach the Shiv temple and do the Shivratri puja. Chakor is very hopeful that Suraj will remember his past. She keeps a fast for Suraj. She prays that Suraj regains his memory. Imli warns Suraj against killing Chakor till elections end, while Ranvijay instigates Suraj to kill Chakor and fulfill his revenge. Chakor has faith that Lord will answer her prayers.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan and Diya argue at the airport. They are compelled to go on honeymoon. Ratan shouts on her a lot. He then mocks an asthma attack. He doesn’t want to board the flight. Diya worries for Ratan. Doctor advises Ratan not to travel in such a state. Ratan avoids the trip. Diya takes Ratan back home. Ratan succeeds in his plan.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Bhanushali family keeps a puja. Dada ji tells everyone that either of Teni and Shorvori can sit with Parth in the puja. Teni and Shorvori get prepared for the puja. They have an argument. Teni tries to make Shorvori realize that its her right to sit with Parth in the puja. She also claims her rights on the baby. She tells her that Dada ji has given her the rights of Parth’s wife. Parth gets upset hearing them. He asks them how will they support him all life, if they couldn’t manage for a month.


Susheel’s Mu dikhai gets a twist. Leela tears the shagun saree and troubles Susheel. But, Susheel manages to staple the curtain cloth to the saree. She manages to don the ghunghat and come for Mu-dikhai. Leela finds Susheel’s smartness. She keeps the mirror and asks the ladies to see Susheel’s face in the mirror. She wants to give a twist to the function. Leela wants Susheel to cook food for everyone. Kali tells everyone that Susheel is not good in household chores, she may not know cooking, but she is good in sports, that’s why Satya likes her.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep has kidnapped Kalyani. He goes to kill Kalyani. Aarohi attacks Deep and turns him unconscious. She fails Deep’s plan. She frees Kalyani and takes her away from Deep.


After Shiv-Parvati’s wedding, the misunderstandings between Kartik and Naira grows further. The family finds Naitik with Priyanka. Dadi has a doubt that they are dating. Naitik reveals the matter of his illness and how Priyanka is helping him. Naitik and Priyanka’s affair doubt gets clear. Everyone realizes what Naitik was hiding from the family. Things don’t fine between Kartik and Naira. He tries to end their annoyance. Naira tries to keep up Dadi’s image among her friends.


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