Chandrika to warn Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Neelima doesn’t want Rahul to marry Naina. She begs him not to insult them by getting related to Naina. Rahul knows Neelima is very smart and can’t stand Naina. He tells her that its just his plan to fool Naina. He wants to get Mayank’s property from Naina. He tells that he is doing everything to trick Naren and Naina into his planning. Neelima gets happy that her son hasn’t lost his mind. Dada ji supports Pooja, while the family opposes her because of her relation with Chandrika. Pooja receives hatred from everyone. Harish refuses to accept Pooja as his bahu.

Anuj witnesses Pooja’s humiliation. Pooja bears it all just for Naren’s sake. Pooja later tries to spy on Supriya. Chandrika warns Pooja against upsetting Naren. She asks Pooja not to interfere in Naren’s business and family matters. She says just manage your marriage, no need to give any advice to Naren. She asks Pooja to focus on her life and fulfill her responsibilities towards family. Pooja doesn’t understand what makes Chandrika furious on her. Chandrika doesn’t want Pooja to bear more hatred from Naren or family.


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