Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay’s political move to invite troubles in family


Vijay gets elected as the leader. The misunderstanding between Vijay and Agastya gets cleared for time being. Vijay doesn’t know Angad’s dreams well. Angad never said what he wants to do in his life. His silence makes him lose the important post in the party. Vijay and Agastya had a tiff because of the same matter. Vijay wants to win his brother’s heart. He takes him into politics to keep his heart.

Agastya dreams to become a youth leader. He has many motives and plans. Vijay doesn’t know about the clash between Agastya and Angad. Vijay breaks Angad’s heart. Bhabhi misunderstands Angad. Vijay chooses Agastya over Angad. Angad and his mum react on Vijay’s decision. There will be much family drama around Vijay’s choice. Angad is disappointed with Vijay. He has worked a lot for Vijay. He wanted Vijay to give him the credit. Vijay tries to end Agastya’s hatred. He didn’t know Angad’s expectations. He loves Agastya and Angad equally, but fails to convince them.


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