Tormenting conspiracies lead to SuKor’s union in Udaan


Ranvijay employs Suraj to get Chakor away from the village. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his involvement in Chakor’s murder plan. Chakor reaches Suraj with a hope. She gets a big shock seeing Ranvijay instead Suraj. She learns Suraj has fooled her. Ranvijay is much frustrated over Chakor’s survival. He tells Chakor that she has sent him to the mental asylum and now he will show his madness. He couldn’t kill her before because of Imli. He now doesn’t care for Imli or elections. He tells Chakor that this time he will not leave her. Chakor asks Suraj to believe her. Suraj scolds her and pushes her away. Suraj makes a leave from the cliff side, while Ranvijay catches hold of Chakor. Chakor gets heartbroken.

Ranvijay jokes over Chakor’s grief. He says this time you will die because of your love, this will give me much contentment. Ranvijay asks his goons to beat up Chakor. He tortures her the same way as Bhaiya ji has done in the past.

Ranvijay wants to beat her to death. He tells Chakor that she is a tough soul, she won’t die easily. He takes her to the end of the cliff and pushes her down to get rid of her forever. Chakor shouts to Suraj for help. Suraj will regain his memory by her prayers and belief. Suraj runs back to the cliff and saves Chakor from approaching death. Suraj and Chakor will be uniting back, and facing Imli and Ranvijay’s evil. Chakor will be getting happiness after bearing so much pain.


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