Avni’s dangerous plan to shatter Neil in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil’s misunderstandings got cleared after much difficulty, but they get separated once again. Avni leaves Neil’s house by leaving a letter that she will come back soon. She hides her dangerous plan from the family to stop them from worrying for her. Avni wants to save Neil and family from Vidyut’s terror. She vows to counter Vidyut in his own game. Avni fakes her death to fool Vidyut. She keeps the secrecy and doesn’t let Neil know about her plans. Neil rushes inside the burnt house and finds a dead body.

He shouts out to Avni that he has reached to save her. He gets moved on finding Avni dead. DD stops Neil. Neil doesn’t take any warning. He shouts on the staff. Fire brigade officer tells Neil about two dead bodies they found, and one is of a little girl. Neil tells DD that these can’t be Avni and Mishti, they are fine, my heart has this belief. He doesn’t want to believe that they are dead. He breaks down mentally. Avni’s plan is not known to Neil. He gets Avni’s pendant and sheds tears in her memories.


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