KaiRa’s united approach to annoy Dadi in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Priyanka confronts Naitik for hiding the truth from his family. She asks him to tell the truth soon, as it has to come out some day. She tells him that his family will be much affected by this truth. He doesn’t want to share anything about his depression. He doesn’t want his family to pause their lives and get after curing his illness. He tells her that he can’t spoil everyone’s happiness. He asks her to just support him as a friend. Priyanka agrees to him. Naksh sees them together and understands Naitik hasn’t told them the entire truth.

Kartik and Naira plan to celebrate Valentines day by forgetting all their differences. They try to talk out their annoyances and end the matter. On the other hand, Naksh voids Kirti’s attempts to apologize. Kirti wants to make things fine between them. She feels guilty to dishonour her in-laws.

Kartik and Naira find chances to wish each other. Kartik gets excited and plans a surprise for her. He wants to wish her in person. Dadi does some charity again. She talks to her friends, who ask about Naira’s bad behavior. Dadi gets annoyed hearing wrong things about Kartik and Naira. She defends Naira in front of them to save her respect. She tells them that Naira is an ideal daughter-in-law. She wishes Naira doesn’t embarrass her in front of her family.

Naira makes a cute card for Kartik. He learns her surprise and gets happy. They wish each other and get happy to be back together. They avoid their silly arguments. They have cute moments. It turns out to be Naira’s dream. She misses Kartik. Dadi introduces Naira to her friends. She wants Naira to obey her and keep her respect. Naira makes special arrangements for Kartik.

Dadi asks Naira to address Kartik with respect, so that the guests praise her values. She asks Naira to amend for her sake, else the society will taunt Kartik. Dadi makes the things complicated for her. Naira makes the sweets. Dadi gets praising her. Naira addresses Kartik with respect. Dadi tries to show Naira is obedient and handles Kartik’s work. Kartik doesn’t know Dadi’s planning. Kartik finds Naira busy and helps her in kitchen work. He serves the sweets, which makes Dadi worry. Her friends get another chance to call him a henpecked husband. Dadi turns too upset with Naira. Kartik and Naira argue and leave from the house.


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