Meri Durga: A new conspiracy strikes Durga


Durga finds some girls in trouble. The men trouble and call them undeserving of any respect. Durga wants to teach them respecting women. Durga runs after them, when they leave in their vehicle. Durga catches them and makes them apologize to the girl. Durga gets praised for her bravery. Sarpanch tells Yashpal about the offer given by Aarti’s dad. He tells how he has declined it, since he wants to give a fair chance to Durga to prove her mettle. He tells them that Aarti’s dad has agreed to support them. Yashpal finds some conspiracy behind it. The villagers support Durga. They want Durga to win the race and save their respect. Durga’s family gets attacked by Aarti’s dad. He abducts them to blackmail Durga.

Durga thinks of the childhood troubled by her one defeat in the race. She doesn’t want to lose out in the race. She wants to earn back everything she lost. Durga gets threatened by Aarti’s dad again. He tells her that her running in the race will cause death of her family. Durga receives a big shock. He asks her to back out from the race and let Aarti win. Sanjay learns about the conspiracy and saves Durga’s family, to make way for her victory.


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