Naamkarann: Avni’s emotional reach out to Neil


Vidyut showers gifts on Avni. He shows her the entire house. Avni leaves the chemical pills everywhere in the house. She plans to set the house on fire. Vidyut gets too excited for the marriage. He finds them made for each other. She asks Avni to accept that they are the perfect couple. He asks her to help him in tackling Neil. Avni gets angry. She refuses to marry him. He gets complimenting her. He adorns her in the ancestral jewelry. He prepares her for the marriage. Avni tells him about the chunri gifted by Neela. She dons it with an intention to save herself from fire. Vidyut allows her to wear Neela’s gifted chunri. She equips herself to fake death and make an easy escape.

He tells her that he has won his love and he will make her forget the past. He asks her to accept the changes in her life. She asks him not to delay and come in the altar for marriage. Avni is sure that Neela’s chunri will protect her from all the dangers. She sends her message for Neil.

Neil worries that she doesn’t return home. Neil realizes Avni had hiding some matter. He tries to find a clue. He gets a CD sent by Avni. The family watches the CD together. They see Avni in the video. Avni tells them that she loves them a lot, and she is now fed up of fighting with evil. She asks Ali to support Neil always, even in her absence. She sends an emotional message for everyone. She thanks Neil’s family for their love and care. She asks Neil to support her in her plans. She reveals her plan of going ahead for marrying Vidyut.

She asks Neil to give her a chance to prove her love. She tells Neil that she has realized his true love, which gave him the strength to end the battle with Vidyut. She apologizes to Neil for going against his principles. She reveals that she has to punish herself to punish Vidyut. She wants to destroy Vidyut to settle her family in peace.

Neil gets worried for Avni, knowing she is at Vidyut’s place. She shows the sindoor and mangalsutra with Neil’s name. She bids farewell to her family. Neil rushes to Vidyut’s place to stop her. Avni reaches the mandap and starts yelling at Vidyut. She tells him that Neil will always be her husband. She gets insulting him to provoke her. Vidyut angrily hurts her. Avni’s plan gets triggered. She lands amidst fire. Vidyut finds the house flaming up. He fails to get Avni out of the fire.


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