Rantej gets back to his dirty tactics in Laado 2


Malhari and Rantej initiate a plan against Anushka. She tries to instigate the villagers by saying wrong stories about Anushka. She tells him that Anushka is changing the women’s perception, Anushka wants the women to rebel and fight for their rights. Malhari tells them that a new change is going to occur. She says I thought to give you all a gift. She gifts bangles to the men. They react seeing the bangles. She tells them that they can wear the bangles and sit back at homes. The men tell her that they will never let the women fight with them for their rights.

They promise to stop Anushka and keep respect of their dominance. They want to rule over the women. Malhari blesses them. Vaid tells his daughter that he is scared seeing the bad happenings in the village. He asks her to return to the city and complete her studies, she will be safe there. Rantej makes an entry and threatens Vaid. He tells Vaid that he can’t send his daughter to city to protect her. Vaid asks Rantej to spare his daughter. Rantej tells the girl that he loves her a lot and wants to marry her. He gives her shagun. Rantej tries to abort Anushka’s initiative by creating a stir in the village. He wants to spread his fear again.


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