Holi track to get big twists in Saam Daam Dand Bhed

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul's new sorrow

Bulbul and Vijay will be seen celebrating Holi. Bulbul makes special sweets for the festival. Vijay helps her out. He asks her what’s the need to make sweets midnight. She tells him that she doesn’t want Bhabhi to work in kitchen, so she has prepared everything beforehand. Vijay finds her caring and praises her. They have cute moments. Bulbul is trying hard to win the family’s trust again. She wants to impress everyone and earn their forgiveness.

Vijay and Bulbul put efforts to make their relation fine. Mandira and Bulbul have a confrontation. Mandira challenges Bulbul that she will get Vijay back in her life. She invites Bulbul and family for Holi fest. She tells Bulbul that she will do something that changed everyone’s lives. She indirectly threatens Bulbul. She openly taunts Bulbul so that she doesn’t refuse to come. Bulbul unwillingly agrees to Mandira. Vijay refuses to attend the function, but Mandira gets Anant to convince Vijay. Anant asks Vijay to come for his sake. She acts good in front of Anant. She treats Bulbul with love like a sister. Mandira will be using her last big strategy. Many twists will unfold in the Holi track.


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