Ishita to finally wed Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New mystery around Ishita's enemy

Iyers attend Raman and Mihika’s marriage. Bhallas welcomes Iyers. Ishita is missing. Iyers get troubled by her absence. They try to call Ishita. They know Ishita loves Raman a lot, and if this marriage happens, she will break down. They want to know where did Ishita go. Even the children try much to stop the marriage. Simmi gets the bride to the altar. Raman gets married to the bride, which everyone assumes to be Mihika. They shed tears that Ishita has lost Raman forever. When the marriage completes, everyone gets surprised seeing Ishita in bride’s place.

Iyers get happy seeing Ishita in the altar. Iyers bless Ishita. Bhallas receive a big shock seeing Ishita. Simmi and Parmeet get stunned knowing Mihika has cheated them, she was supporting Ishita in winning Raman’s love. They didn’t imagine Mihika will take this step in the final moment and send Ishita to the altar for marriage.

Ishita reveals that it was Mihika and her plan so that Raman can get secured from his enemies. Ishita is hopeful that now she can live with Raman and make him recover from Simmi’s harmful pills. She has to get Raman’s memory back. She plans to recreate their moments to help him. She wants to protect Raman. Ishita’s planning fails Simmi and Parmeet miserably. Simmi instigates Bhallas against Ishita. Bhallas oppose Ishita for the cheat. Raman too gets angered. Ishita doesn’t care for their annoyance and asks Bhallas to prepare for her grahpravesh.


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