KaiRa’s romance gets a bonfire twist in Yeh Rishta…


Lav and Kush spoil the decorations by mistake. They make another mistake by replacing the soft drink by wine. Kartik and Naira get drunk. Their misunderstanding grows. Naira’s planned surprise goes in vain. Kartik and Naira get annoyed and go out of the house. They try not to talk to each other. They get a rain shower surprise. They celebrate their valentines in a special way. They rekindle their romance by reminiscing their old moments. Their big misunderstandings get cleared. Kartik realizes it was one of his dream, that he romances Naira in rain. He gets happy that his dream got true. Kartik and Naira run to some dhaba shade and ignite bonfire, setting perfect ambience for their togetherness.

Kartik and Naira enjoy the rains. They spend some quality time together. They celebrate their togetherness. They think of their last valentine’s day, which was equally good.

She has got Kartik’s love again. She is thankful that everything got fine. They have light romantic moments. Kartik tells her that its their first valentines post marriage. Kartik goes to get a gift for Naira. Naira gets trapped inside the fire. Naitik and Naksh reach the dhaba on time. They get a big shock finding Naira inside the burning place. They save Naira in the nick of time. Naitik and Naksh misunderstand Kartik for being so irresponsible. Will KaiRa’s misunderstandings end completely? Keep reading.


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