Naamkarann: A remorseful turn in Neil-Avni’s lives


Vidyut gets scared of Avni. He runs to the market area. He sees a procession and hides. He sees Neil there. He begs Neil to save him from Avni’s spirit. He confesses his crime of pushing Avni angrily, which led her to die. He surrenders himself to police. He wants to save his life from Avni’s spirit. He feels jail will be safest place for him, as Neil will protect him. Avni succeeds to get rid of Vidyut forever.

Avni will be seen in a new avatar. She cuts her hair to give herself a new look and new identity. She visits the temple and prays for her family. She has taken a big decision to live away from the family. She gets upset and feels she is cursed. She wants to save her family by separating herself forever. She tells her decision to Lord and gives an explanation. She shares her feelings and expresses sorrow.

Neil visits the temple. Pandit blesses him. Neil gets the tilak. He is depressed over Avni’s death. He misses Avni and sees her mangalsutra. He doesn’t know Avni is alive. Avni feels her life has become a hell because of her enemies. She breaks down into tears. She has many complains over her fate. She gets to see Neil in pain. She gets away from him for his betterment. Avni has to stick to her big decision with a determined mind. They both are restless to live without each other. Their suffering will not end soon. New characters will enter the show. Avni’s life will take a new turn, away from Neil.


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