Pooja upsets all by her next clever move in Piyaa Albela

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Naren gets angry on the union leader. Naren gets into a heated argument and slaps the man. Naren realizes Pooja was right about the union leader. Naren upsets the workers. His behavior and shocking news reaches the family. Harish selects Rahul as company MD instead Naren. Pooja knows if Rahul becomes MD, it won’t be good for the company. She can’t do anything. She is stuck in a dilemma and falls helpless. Harish criticizes Naren. Naren doesn’t care for anything. Harish feels Naren is getting defamation for the family.

Pooja gets Dada ji’s support. She takes a big decision. She demands for the factory so that Rahul doesn’t get it in his hands. She wants to secure Naren’s business. Rahul reacts and argues with the family. Naren signs the documents and names the factory to Pooja. Naren misunderstands Pooja again. He doesn’t know her plan and intentions. She snatches the MD post from Rahul. She risks her relationship for the family’s betterment.

Naren feels she is playing with his emotions again. Harish feels big losses would be better than handing over the factory to Pooja. She feels bad by his taunts. She is just doing this to save the business. She is sure she will clear the misunderstanding by getting profits for the company. Pooja and Naren’s relation spoils once again. Naren was not apologetic for the slap incident. Pooja manages the situation. She writes an apology letter to the union leader. She tries to end the workers’ strike and make everything fine like before. Though her intentions are good, her approach upsets the family.


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