Shocker for Soumya, Harman to slip in coma in Shakti


Soumya feels Harman has filled colors in her life by accepting her as wife. She gets ready to sacrifice everything to get Harman’s love for seven births. Harman has accepted her identity of a kinner and still married her. She gives away her marriage and sindoor, only to complete the kinner puja. She turns into a widow. Her decision to end the marriage makes Harman too upset. He tells her that she has taken his life by snatching herself from him. She does everything to protect her love.

Harman gets a big shock when he learns Soumya has completed the kinner puja, by going against his will. He sees Soumya giving away her mangalsutra and sindoor, and abandoning their marriage, so that she gets a normal life in her next birth. He gets too disturbed and leaves from there. Kareena’s wicked plan separates Harman and Soumya. Harman meets with a fatal accident. He faces his death. He is rushed to the hospital where he slips in coma.

Harak can’t see Harman in such a lifeless state. He begs Harman to forgive him and come back to them, at least for Preeto’s sake. Soumya learns about Harman’s accident. She can’t tolerate the sight. She cries for her mistake. She apologizes to Harman. She says I would have not gone there if I knew this would happen, come back once, I can’t live without you. She feels sorry to come in others’ words. She wishes Harman gets fine soon. Doctor tells the family that Harman may need much time to gain consciousness, they can take Harman home, nurse will look after him. Harak pleads Harman to gain consciousness.


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