High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

The family prays for Harman, who has slipped in coma post his accident. Preeto and Harak make Soumya do the puja. They blame Soumya for causing this grief. Soumya does a puja for Harman. He will gain consciousness and keep up Soumya’s belief. Preeto gets upset with Soumya for going against Harman and troubling the family. Soumya apologizes to Harman and family.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami plans to leave Lal Mahal. She didn’t know Sudha has plotted everything to frame Satrupa. Narottam exposes Sudha in front of everyone. Anami changes her decision to leave. She then learns Narottam is feeling much guilty and wants to get away from the family. Narottam bonds with Anami. He reveals Sudha’s ugly plotting to Anaṁi. He proves Satrupa’s innocence. Anami is also unhappy. She asks Narottam not to go, as Sudha has done wrong, while he has taken the right step with true intentions. She praises Narottam for setting everything fine.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya overhears Abhay conspiring against Ratan. Diya angrily beats up Abhay. She threatens to kill him. She asks him what’s his plan. She scolds him for defaming Abhay. She takes the video clip chip from his camera. She destroys the chip. She asks Abhay how can he spy on them.


There will be a leap in the show. Avni will be seen in a new look. Imli and Sunehri turn into good friends. They live in some other city. Avni misses Neil. She has Neil’s memories with her. Mishti and other kids cheer up Avni. Avni takes a new identity. She teaches some kids and wants to shape their lives. Neil spots Avni. He gets a new hope. He runs to save her life from an accident. Neil then realizes his mistake when he sees some other woman. He sheds tears in Avni’s memory.


Haasil is soon going to end. The last episode will show a major showdown between Raichand brothers. They will be having a big fight for Anchal’s sake. Ranvir was believing that Kabir isn’t alive. He then learns Kabir is alive and he was fooling him till now. Kabir confronts him for his plotting. Kabir and Ranvir have an argument. Anchal tries to stop them. Ranvir tries to shoot Kabir. Anchal gets shot by Ranvir. Ranvir doesn’t want to spare Kabir and Anchal’s life. Ranvir will be getting arrested in the climax scene.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren keeps his lover boy image. He gets baraat for his wife. He makes a heroic entry. He gets two palanquins for Pooja and Chandrika. He wants to take them home with all the honor they deserve. He has realized his mistake. He reaches Pooja and dances on dhol beats. He asks Pooja to come home with him. Pooja gets surprised seeing the big change in him. Naren doesn’t get the media along. Pooja thinks Naren has come alone and didn’t do this to pretend in front of everyone. She is sure that Naren is playing some game again. She wants to become part of his game to know his plan. Naren comes with a good heart. He talks to Chandrika and Pooja with respect. Chandrika happily agrees to go with her son. Pooja finds it suspicious. Naren takes them home. Pooja arrives in Vyas mansion in a palanquin.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj asks his wife to keep his clothes and accessories ready. Devi helps him out. She finds him missing her. Adhiraj leaves for office. Adhiraj comes home in a drunken state. Devi takes him to the room. He fails to see her face. Devi leaves a letter for him. Adhiraj learns Devi wants to meet him once. Adhiraj feels he has married Kesar. He feels connected to Devi, and doesn’t understand why he is feeling bonded with Kesar. He will realize he has got remarried to Devi.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni and Shorvori have much belief in each other. Teni gets upset when she sees Parth and Shorvori together. Shorvori tells Teni that Parth knows her better. She is happy that Parth remembers almost everything about her. She shares her happiness with Teni. She didn’t know Teni will feel bad. Shorvori tries to convince Teni. Teni gets into an argument with Shorvori. She says even if Parth didn’t spend much time with me, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know me, you can’t make me dance on your fingers. Shorvori asks Parth to apologize to Teni.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Shagun, Aaliya and Ruhi worry for Ishita. They try hard to stop the marriage. Shagun decides to go Bhalla house and get some clue. They don’t know Parmeet has kidnapped Ishita. Ruhi doesn’t find Ishita at home. She wonders where could Ishita go at such a crucial time.

Chakor and Imli have an argument. Chakor challenges Imli to win the elections if they can. They have a face off. Chakor doesn’t like Imli’s wicked principles. She follows her own ethics for the welfare of the people. Chakor sees Suraj hiding from Imli. She doesn’t want Imli to know their secret. Suraj and Chakor hide and seek. They romance. They get saved from Imli. Suraj gets angry on Imli. Chakor wants Suraj to continue his acting for some days. She doesn’t want her enemies to get alert. The elections drama will be seen. Imli asks Suraj to spoil Chakor’s election campaign. Suraj supports Chakor by fooling Imli. He wants Imli to lose in the elections. Suraj and Chakor know that just the political power can make them strong to oppose Imli and Ranvijay’s evil.