Imli and Ranvijay to test Suraj’s loyalty in Udaan


Chakor and Imli have an argument. Chakor challenges Imli to win the elections if they can. They have a face off. Chakor doesn’t like Imli’s wicked principles. She follows her own ethics for the welfare of the people. Chakor sees Suraj hiding from Imli. She doesn’t want Imli to know their secret. Suraj and Chakor hide and seek. They romance. They get saved from Imli. Suraj gets angry on Imli. Chakor wants Suraj to continue his acting for some days. She doesn’t want her enemies to get alert. The elections drama will be seen. Imli asks Suraj to spoil Chakor’s election campaign. Suraj supports Chakor by fooling Imli. He wants Imli to lose in the elections. Suraj and Chakor know that just the political power can make them strong to oppose Imli and Ranvijay’s evil.

Suraj finds a moment to romance Chakor. They enjoy their secret moment. They are very happy. Ranvijay summons Suraj at the haveli. Chakor asks Suraj to go. Suraj doesn’t want to get away from her.

He tells her that they have missed their togetherness for five years. He wants to be with her all the time. Chakor explains him the necessity to keep their lie. Suraj goes to haveli. Ranvijay gets drunk. He tries to expose Suraj’s truth again. Suraj comes there and learns the plan. He provokes Ranvijay to get scolded by Imli. Ranvijay scolds Suraj for fooling them. He asks Suraj to prove himself and his loyalty. He asks Suraj to burn Chakor’s house. Suraj gives his word that he will burn their enemy’s Lanka. He traps Imli by his lie.


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