Ishqbaaz’s new twist: Anika to return in Shivay’s life


Veer frames Shivay in Anika’s murder case. The family stands by Shivay. They don’t believe that Shivay can commit his wife’s murder. They defend Shivay in front of the media. They ask the media not to accuse Shivay on the basis of any fake video. Veer gets happy that he has countered his enemies well. He wants to send Shivay to jail. He calls the police home. Media also asks for justice. Police arrests Shivay. The family tries hard to stop the arrest. They want Shivay to defend himself. Shivay feels guilty and accepts the crime of killing Anika.

Inspector gets Anika home and reveals to Shivay that his wife is alive. Bhavya tells them that she has filed the missing report. Inspector frees Shivay, believing in his innocence. Shivay and Veer can’t believe seeing Anika alive. The family rejoices with Anika’s return. They welcome her back at the right time when Shivay needed her the most. They find Anika’s get-up strange.

Veer can’t understand how Anika got back to life. Omkara asks police to make a leave when the case is solved. Anika dons a villager’s avatar. She refuses to accept Shivay as her husband. Shivay believes Anika is not in front of him for real. He tells Veer that the lady is an imposter. Anika tells them that she doesn’t remember anything. The family tries hard to remind Anika her sacred relation with Shivay. They leave Shivay and Anika to solve the matter themselves.

Shivay tells Anika that he knows she isn’t his wife. Anika tells him that she has realized he is her husband. She asks him to accept her, and not be confused. Shivay asks her to leave from his house. He gets wondering how an imposter got home. Shivay asks Veer if he is double-crossing him. Veer acts innocent in front of Shivay. He tells Shivay that he didn’t call police and he didn’t defame him in the media. He tells Shivay that they don’t have to doubt on each other and better find about the fraudster.

Veer asks Shivay to get his answers from the fake Anika. Anika bonds with the family. Shivay tries to know her background. Anika tells him that she has accepted him as her Lord, her husband, and his bitter words break her heart. She wants to do her duties towards her husband. She tells him that she will keep him happy. Shivay takes Anika’s test by giving her little tasks. He asks her to prove to everyone that she is really Anika. She doesn’t get scared of anything. He tells her that his Anika was never like her. Shivay stops the family from helping Anika. Veer asks Shivay to expose the fraudster soon. Shivay reveals his plan to find out if this girl is Anika or not. Veer too gets keen to find out the truth.


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